Sunday, July 28, 2019

Total quality management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 6000 words

Total quality management - Essay Example In such a setup, all members of the organisations are trained and motivated to work towards improving processes, products and services offered by the organisation and based on the cultivation of a positive culture (Bagad, 2008, p.31). Oman Air is one of the leading airline companies in the Oman that have continued to grow and advance due to its great customer service focus and market centrality. The company currently operates large flights of planes plying different routes across the globe and offering unique and admirable services to the customers. The admirable service delivery approach has been attributed to the company’s adoption of a proper TQM that seeks to improve its customer relations and increase overall customer satisfaction (Flynn, 2011, p13). According to this introduction, the essay is organised as the following: First, it will critically evaluate the perception of Leadership role in quality management at Oman airline and how it can differ from one context to another. Second, it will highlight the different models for delivering good total quality management. After that, it will attempt to explore the role of teamwork, Customer satisfaction, Culture of improvement and risk management in total quality management of that will lead to better applications in total quality management in all organisations contexts. Finally, it will sum up the main points. The success of quality management in an organisation depends on the leadership approach adopted by the management and this approach is communicated to the other employees in the organisation. Leadership plays an essential management role in the implementation of TQM in any organisation due to the two benefits that it confers. Through leadership, Oman Air has enhanced its ability to mould its philosophy and principles within the various departments, which serves to improve the

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