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Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 237

Assignment Example She grows up experiencing joy with Nel Wright, who is her best friend. The two are inseparable friends, even though their backgrounds and personality are different. Sula is an independent character who has minimal commitments. She got the independent characteristic from her mother, who acted in a similar manner. Nel Wright is a character who is the opposite of Sula. Her physical characteristic is plain and also light colored. Her physical appearance contrasts sharply to the black and mysterious features of Sula. The Bottom society considers Nel as a girl of good character and morals, because of her obedient and quite nature. The family background of Nel is good, and it is respected in the society. Nel desires individuality, and this is what drives her to seek friendship with the person like Sula, who has the desired qualities of independence, strength and bravery. Helene Wright is the mother of Nel. She was the daughter of Rochelle, who worked as a prostitute in Orleans Creole. Helen was raised by her very religious grandmother, called Cecile. Hellen was married off to Wiley Wright when she was aged 16 years. Eva is the grandmother of Sula, who is illustrated throughout the novel. She is very instrumental in determining the direction of Sula, and in the development of the plot of the novel. She is a very colorful character in the novel. She is very hopeful, even though her husband left her with children at a young age. Eva cut off her leg, with the intention of obtaining insurance money. The move shows love and determination, because the money was used to take care of her family. Eva is a compassionate character, because she turned her house to a boarding facility that accommodates diverse individuals, for instance, the â€Å"dewey boys†. The informally adopted Deweys were inseparable, even though they are physically different. BoyBoy Peace is illustrated as a reckless character; this is because he abandoned her young Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 163 Assignment Example Action research is an alternative approach to change in an organization. It requires the change facilitators with the ability to give specific attention to the personal and collective processes of action and reflection. Using this approach will, therefore, requires the change agents in Arc Limit Cinema to be both leaders and researchers in the process of finding the opportunities for change. In this case, research on the issues related to the market, internal and external factors promoting of inhibiting change in the organization should be done (Cameron & Green 2012, p. 132). In Lewin’s model for change, there are three identified phases of effective change process. Unfreezing, change process and refreezing. This approach will require the change agent at Arc Limit Cinema to recognize the need to change and to be uncomfortable with the present situation. This may be concerning the operations, production, customer service or marketing. The identified flaws then lead to the change implementation, and after the change is done, the organization need to be re-stabilized through refreezing (Cameron & Green 2012, p. 132). This model, therefore, implies that for a change to occur in Arc Light, the inputs that the organization, its initial environment in terms of partnerships, markets and the general reputation of the organization must be harnessed to give a strategy that is compatible with the organizations structures. The effects of this are positive change that will give results that will improve the organizations situation. In order to understand the performance of an organization, this model recommends first to understand the basic elements of performance. These are inputs, strategy, output and processes. In the USC strategy, these basic elements can be identified as: Output. The strategy expects the outputs to be a success of the students and the fulfilment of their ambitions. This will also lead to a feeling of satisfaction of the

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