Saturday, July 20, 2019

The Compiled Sync List of The Wizard of Oz :: The Wizard of Oz Movies Music Films Essays

The Compiled Sync List of The Wizard of Oz 001-Echoes 1) The first indicator that everything is going right is the change from "Speak to Me" to "Breathe" which coincides exactly with the fade-in appearance of the name of producer Mervyn LeRoy *Note: In the prologue the word "Time" (one of the songs on the CD) is written with a capital letter even though it isn't at the start of the sentence. Also you will find the word "Heart" capitalized in the middle of a sentence (a sound particular to "The Dark Side of the Moon"). 2) "Leave, but don't leave me ..." Auntie Em appears to say "... Leave ..." to Dorothy and then Dorothy turns to leave looking a bit down in the mouth. 3) Right after the words "... Look around ..." Dorothy looks around. 4) "... Smiles you'll give and tears you'll cry ..." Two men above (Cowardly Lion and Tin Woodsman) are smiling and the man below (Scarecrow) is crying. This one is sort of not on time but worth the mention. 5) "... All you touch ..." Dorothy touches the man (Cowardly Lion) holding a bucket on his arm. *Note: "All you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be" Dorothy's life will only really be all she touches and all she sees in her Kansas home because Oz exists only in her pretty little head. 6) "... When at last the work is done ..." the man (Scarecrow) hits his finger with the hammer (to the beat of the drum no less) and is done with his work. 7) Right after "... Dig that hole ..." the farm hand (Scarecrow) points to the ground as if telling Dorothy to dig a hole. 8) "... Balanced on the biggest wave ..." Dorothy is balancing herself on the fence. 9) "... Race towards an early grave." is said at the moment just before Dorothy falls off the fence rail. ["... Down in the pig-pen sayin' 'keep on diggin' ..." Lyrics from "Pigs (Three Different Ones)" by Roger Waters on the "Animals" CD] *Note: "... Race towards an early grave ..." Perhaps a reference to Judy Garland's untimely death? *Note: Judy Garland died in 1969, the same year we put a man on the moon ... "I'll see you on the Dark Side of the Moon." 10) Song shifts from "Breathe" to "On the Run" at the same time (actually just slightly before) Dorothy falls off the fence.

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