Saturday, July 27, 2019

Goal is to share with the reader an incident in your life that taught Essay

Goal is to share with the reader an incident in your life that taught you something about life, about other people, about your - Essay Example I was working on a project with group consisting of five members. It was a science project and each member was assigned a specific work that was to be completed within the given timeframe. While each member’s work required independent research but we were all helping each other to complete the project as early as possible. I remember, I was particularly quite abrasive and short tempered with one of my colleague because he seemed to be quite distracted and least concerned in completing his part of the project. He was an African American who was more inclined to be gregarious and less focused on his studies. It just confirmed my preconceived ideas about racial differences. Hence the news about my sister’s accident came as a complete jolt that completely threw me off balance. We were all busy doing our project so for a moment I was unable to accept the news and did not know what to do. Suddenly it was Anthony, the African American colleague who was consoling me and took co ntrol of the situation. She was my only sister and I kept mumbling that I would die if anything happened to her. Anthony accompanied me to the hospital and took charge of the situation. My sister was profusely bleeding and was concussed.

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