Sunday, July 28, 2019

Geography Investigation - In what stage of Butlers Tourist Area Life Essay

Geography Investigation - In what stage of Butlers Tourist Area Life Cycle Model is Sao Paulo - Essay Example have witnessed a massive tourist influx over the past two decades owing to the twin availability of Scenic beauty, world-class recreational facilities and good living conditions in all these places. However, besides all these regions, South America continues to be a lucrative destination for tourists and backpackers alike. Amongst the South American nations, Brazil, the largest country in Latin America has been successful in serving as a major tourist destination for travelers worldwide. From the traditional Samba dances of cities such as Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro on one hand to the unknown secrets of the thick rain forests of the Amazon on the other, Brazil offer an amazing choice for an amazing and breathtaking holiday. Promoting tourism has been running high on the on the agenda of the government of Brazil for many years, which views tourism and the revenue generated by the industry as a major contributor to the national GDP. The ministry of Tourism, which came into existence in 2003, highlights the growing acceptance and importance of the sector to Brazil’s economy. Since then, the number of promotional tourist events and fairs in Sao Paulo and Rio De Janeiro has almost doubled and the income (Jane Ladle, Insight Guides, Huw Hennessy, Brian Bell, 1999). The government has invested heavily in the development and overhaul of major infrastructure such as roads, airports, hotels and beaches. Many places considered symbols of world heritage have been protected and restored. In Sao Paulo alone, Tourism has been acknowledged to employ nearly 15% of the working population, which goes to underline the strategic importance of this sector within Sao Paulo’s economy (Gui Santana, 2001). However , serious questions have been posed by researchers as to whether Sao Paulo has passed its prime. An additional decline in the amount of tourist activity in countries across the Mediterranean and elsewhere have prompted many to voice the need of the hour for a study of all

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