Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Play and Long Haul Network Essay

Most people don’t care about how they connect to other players when they log on to play Halo 4 or Call of duty. I am going to explain how the game player at home connects to the game player Japan or California. Information technology has expanded a whole lot from when I was a kid and there was no such thing as online game playing. Then it was only to play a game computer with really bad graphics. The people didn’t really look like people and the background was just plain. Well since it has grown so has online game playing. When you log into your Xbox live account you are giving your credentials that allows you access to their sever. This is established by connecting to the internet through your cable modem or through a wireless connection. This sends your credentials in a packet from your house through a copper or fiber optic cable to a local exchange. Once it goes into the local exchange it is then sent to an aggregating point in the city and throughout the country over a regional network. Your packet is then aggregated and transported over a long haul network so that it will reach the launching point at the country shoreline, where it is then sent over more cabling connecting the US to Japan, underwater, over the ocean network. Once it arrives in Japan, it is then distributed back to the long haul network or regional network, to the local exchange, and then back to you at your home computer or Xbox. The reason the gamers see everything in real time is because all of this happens superfast. When this occurs it happens mostly over fiber optic cable. This means that it moves at the speed of light, for example it takes about 30 to 40 milliseconds to go from New York to London. That is taking into account the undersea transmissions portion and delays caused by aggregating and switching equipment. So now you know exactly what happens to your data when you are playing a game online. This process works for all data that is transmitted via Xbox or computer. That is why when you are playing sometimes you can experience lags of data. All of this is also how you get to connect with other gamers all over the world without all these processes there would be no online gaming and a lot of unhappy kids.

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