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Loss of women's rights in Egypt in the current time Research Paper

Loss of women's rights in Egypt in the current time - Research Paper Example Earlier women in the country had certain major rights within their society. Some of these were certainly equal to that of the men particularly with respect to education, marriage and economic status like earnings. In fact, this was quite unlike the situation in other countries where women did not receive so many rights equal to the men in the society (Tyldesley, n.d.). In countries like Egypt, as has been considered for the particular study, the status of women is considered as a measure and level of modernity. This leads to the development of policy measures and other practices within the society. Thus gender has always played a significant role in the Muslim societies of such countries (Sali, 2010). In the present times, the women in Egypt have to deal with the changes in the social institutions prevailing in the country that have initiated in the country post modernity (Lewis and Micklewright, 2006). However, in spite of women gaining rights in the country in the earlier times, ye t reports in the present times reflect that women are losing their rights as against the men in the country and are being tried to be dominated by the males in the society. Part I: Women’s Rights in Egypt: Place of women in Egypt in the last 100 years: Beginning of 20th Century: Considering the last 100 years, the Egyptian women could never be seen or heard. However through the recent revolutions, women proved this wrong by presenting themselves and their struggles in front of the public thus altering the conditions of the women in the society. With the revolution during the Mubarak regime, the women participated more in different activities within the society along with performing their roles in their families (Jones, 2012). Before modernism, although the women were not equal with the men, still they had certain rights for themselves. Such rights were associated with the marriages, finances, courts, and divorces that were much higher in comparison with several other civiliza tions across the world (Deif, 2004). With the mass uprising on the streets of Egypt during the Mubarak regime, the women in the country struggled and tried to gain rights in different fields thus trying to obtain equality with the men in the country. As far as the position of women in Egypt is concerned, it was found to be unique since such rights, as mentioned above, were not prevalent in the other civilizations in the ancient times. The legal and economic rights that they enjoyed were similar to that of the men in their country, although such rights were mostly associated with their status in the society, the link of which could not be determined though (Otto, 2010). Their position in the society depended on their social rank irrespective of the gender of the individual. However on one hand, while moving from one social rank to the other, women could move along with their husbands; on the other hand, it was possible that a man could divorce his wife and marry someone else who coul d then get that rank that her husband held in the society. In spite of these differences and status of the women, still in the ancient time in Egypt, self-made women could be found (Picone, 2012). Egypt has certainly been one of the countries that provided the women with certain rights. This is evident from the following rights that the women experienced in the country of Egypt. The women in Egypt had certain rights for their academic achievements. Education was seen by the public as extremely important for women that can lead to

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