Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Head Nurse Essay

A head nurse has the following important duties and job responsibilities: * Planning and scheduling the work activities of junior nurses in her section. * Making sure that the medical reports and instruments are kept properly and safely. * Ensuring that the patients obey the instructions and advice of the doctors and follow their prescriptions sincerely. * Ensuring that the areas where the patients are admitted are sanitized properly on a regular basis. * Directing the patients to have their meals regularly and receiving feedback from them in case of faulty food items or other issues. * Making her patients relax in case of adversities and major surgeries being performed on them. * Comforting her patients and injecting them with the required medicinal doses as advised by the doctors. * Cleaning the areas that contained medical instruments, medicines and syringes in order to ensure safety for all those who visit these areas. * Sanitizing the rooms where the patients are dressed and cha nged in order to avoid microbial infections. * Assisting her patients with calling their relatives and helping the old ones move from one place to another. * Walking with the doctors during their routine rounds and check-ups and noting down the directions of the doctor with regard to the health and care of the patients. * Ensuring that she provides all the health care facilities and services to the patients with accordance to the rules, regulations and policies of the state. * Placing demands for new medicines and documenting their amounts properly and ordering fresh stocks of the medicines that have expired. * Ensuring that all the needs and demands of the patients are fulfilled during their stay in their hospitals. * Making sure that the patients are comfortable and feel at home. * Executing all other tasks that need her assistance and patient health care services. * Duties and Responsibilities of a Head Nurse: * Head nurses manage all the administrative duties of the departments which they are assigned to work in * They schedule shifts for the nurses and assign duties to them * They collect work reports from all the nurses regarding their day-to-day activities and maintains a record of them * They present the records collected from all the nurses to the respective doctorswho are handling cases of those patients * They assist and conduct training programs for the nurses who are new and need help * They also solve any issues related to the patients * Head nurses also come in direct contact with the patients and diagnose theirhealth problems * Inventory management is also one of the responsibilities of the head nurses * Head nurses review and supervise the pre-operative settings made by the nurses in the operating room and make sure that they have provided required equipments to the doctors * Head nurses often accompany the doctors when they go on their rounds to check the patients where they present the reports collected by them * They provide necessary help to the doctors such as carrying diagnostic equipments, etc., to the doctors while they are on round for check-up They maintain a log of the entries of the patients in their wards and their health Reports * Head nurses also look for the hygiene in the hospital and in the rooms and make sure that the patients are provided with enough facilities and entertain all types of complaints from the patients *

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