Friday, August 9, 2019

KEY DEBATES IN MEDIA STUDIES Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

KEY DEBATES IN MEDIA STUDIES - Essay Example The song competition unites all countries that are geographically located on the territory of Europe in attempt to define the best performance with the help of free televoting. Though the quality of the music on the contest is sometimes very disputable (because most singers and bands choose pop as a preferable genre) the overall impact of the event on European society is rather significant. First of all, it is believed to shape the direction and trends in European cultural development as the Eurovision promotes live performance and unique, and that is why non-trivial, show on the stage. Several world famous stars, such as ABBA for instance, first appeared as participants of the contest. However, many viewers claim that the Eurovision can be regarded as a political show first of all because it reflects Europeans` preferences and negative tendencies in perception of certain countries. The contest also demonstrates quite vividly which countries and the nations of which countries have go od relationships and which relationships are tense. Last year the victory of the Austrian contestant, Conchita Wurst who represents herself as a drag queen, set the whole cultural world in turmoil and provoked active debates regarding the relevance and the influence of the event. Therefore, it is possible to suggest the Eurovision is one of the most controversial music contests on the planet which has its political and cultural implications for the population of Europe and its representation in media must be performed with the help of different, sometimes even opposite approaches. In this paper I will try to analyze how media can utilize various tactics and emphasize different priorities depending on its relation to the realms of state and politics and culture. To begin with it is still necessary to create some adequate image of the Eurovision song contest. Most common people in Europe

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