Saturday, August 24, 2019

Ethics in Public Administration Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Ethics in Public Administration - Essay Example Consequently, if it happened that the firefighters took any wood from the alder tree that they had cut down in Oregon, then the case would have dealt on employees liaising with their supervisor to illegally possess public property for personal gain. According to the information given, it is clear that a retired officer from the firefight department decided to blow the whistle. As such, the Fire Chief should have asked the rest of the firefighters to collect the wood from his place and those that they might have illegally taken to their own places for personal use and present it to the relevant authorities because they have a duty to adhere to ethics laws. Of importance to note that, it is much easier for the firefighters to adhere to ethics laws when their supervisor Fire Chief demonstrates the principle. Additionally, there should be continuous adherence to ethic laws at the work place, having learnt from this unfortunate situation of breach of ethic laws (Geuras & Garofalo, 2010). It is for undoubted reasons that the City Manager or Mayor should have the mandate of ensuring that the ethic laws are adhered to by every individual in the public administration. Basically, the City Manager should create public awareness through media both print and electronic. Moreover, there should be forums on how best the public officers should serve the public, as well as, the rights of the public in service delivery. It is crucial to comprehend that, there must be stringent measures for those who attempt to breach laws. In relation to this case, the City Manager should lay down the laws that have been breached by the fire fighters to facilitate their fines and/or punishment. In cases where the firefighters report directly to the City Managers, implementation of the punishment should proceed. It is obvious that even after the wood was discovered in Fire Chief home, he continued to insist that it was a

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