Monday, August 12, 2019

Corporate Social Responsibility always adds value to the brand Essay

Corporate Social Responsibility always adds value to the brand - Essay Example Whether reacting as a result of peer pressure or because of basic human decency, corporations that choose to implement corporate social responsibility initiatives improve their image and increase their brand value. This increases their competitive advantage and can enhance their image thus attracting talented or skilled workers who may wish to be hired by respected companies. The improved image will also positively affect the attractiveness of the organization’s goods or services. In all circumstances, CSR initiatives that are meant to improve the community or preserve the environment also generate environmental as well as social value, while simultaneously supporting the organization’s corporate objectives, improving relationships with all stakeholders, and reducing overall costs. In modern times, the trend of social consciousness is affecting every facet of public life. The business scene has particularly been impacted by the notion of giving back to the community that has given its support. Being socially conscious basically has to do with having additional commitments other than just meeting financial organisational objectives. The push for businesses to take on more socially-related responsibilities has produced a noticeable change in organisational stakeholders like workers, customers, contractors, and shareholders in most industries. This is because these stakeholders are usually vested in ensuring that their brands remain in the minds of present clients as well as potential customers. For brands to be marketable in Western nations today, they have to be linked to some type of socially conscious agenda. Organisations can no longer create interest by defining their brands in terms of their functions or abilities; they also have to include culturally rela ted, environmentally-related, or socially-related statements in their marketing messages in

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