Tuesday, October 8, 2019

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Read the article - Essay Example The thing to be kept in mind is that the economic constraints forcing the Liberals to raise tuition fee in Quebec are very different from those in Chile. Somehow, the writer is perhaps trying to link the unpopularity of the Chilean government with the Charest government in Quebec. In the first paragraph, the writer seems to be realistic and fact based while elaborating on acts of vandalism and mass protests being attributed to a large proportion of the students in Quebec. It becomes amply clear in the second paragraph that the education funding in Quebec is right now undergoing many changes. Now, the big question that needs to be asked is that had the students in Quebec tolerated this change, if it was led in by some other government than that of Mr. Charest? In that context, the Liberals come out in a positive light in the sense that they are willing to lead and manage change in consonance with the imminent economic realities in the province. Perhaps, this also leads to the conclusion that Parti Quà ©bà ©cois (PQ) is pro status quo and intends to grab power by pandering to the youth sentiment. It is amply clear that Quebec faces a huge budgetary deficit and hence needs to cut down on the government spending. However, is it that the government intends to make the best of this situation by fomenting the youth sentiment or is it that it is sincere in its intentions of cutting down on the budgetary deficit by initiating austerity measures in other aspects of the government spending also? The one other thing that needs to be asked is that why the successive governments in Quebec continued to resort to populist measures, as far as the funding of university education is concerned and why did they not initiate the austerity measures well in advance? Why now only? The steps taken by the Liberal government to manage student unrest seem to be reasonable, logical and understandable. The

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