Wednesday, October 23, 2019

A Portrait of the City of Mumbai

City that never sleeps. Iambi, capital of Maharajah's and financial capital of India, home to Plywood film industry and home to people from all over the country. The local language spoken here is Amaranth but English and Hindi are also spoken fluently. So a new visitor will not have much trouble.Temperature varies throughout he year. March- June is summer months with temperature reaching almost degree . June- October monsoon season with rain in full force. November to February is mainly winter months but being a coastal city the winters are mild here and pleasant weather. The Places to see here are the : colonial architecture from the Victorian times , the Gateway of India, the Cathartic Shiva Terminus building, the Hajji all mosque , film city . The famous Tag Mall hotel is located Just opposite the Gateway of India.The Iambi University buildings and the High Court are also excellent examples of colonial architecture in the city. Nehru science center and Nehru planetarium are very g ood place to visit as they have museum and planetary views shown at both centers Iambi has a few beaches, at Juju, Psychopath, Marvel. In addition to this, Iambi is also known for its own lip-smacking pap abaci, belle purr and kebabs. Iambi is a shopper's delight with bargain buys, exclusive boutiques, ethnic markets and mini bazaars.The Iambi city also has a flourishing cultural life. Being the seat of the Indian (Hindi) film industry, Iambi stages regular performances in music, dance and drama. The Hindi film industry, also known as Plywood, produces the largest number of films in the world. Iambi caters to the needs of almost all sections through sporting activities, nightclubs, pubs, theaters, beaches, shopping Malls and restaurants. Old and new, rich and poor, classical and modern- Iambi is truly a melting pot! A Portrait of the City of Iambi By Misunderstanding

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