Thursday, October 17, 2019

Long essay question 2 Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Long essay question 2 - Coursework Example He believes there are real truths. Real truth is the same as an absolute truth. If there are moral ideas that are truer than that of the next, then it is a real morality thus a real truth (Willard 5). Willard says truth depends on what someone believes. If someone tells you the truth according to what he or she believes, then that is the real truth. Relativism follows natural law according to Richard Dawkins. Dawkins believes we face an equal but more sinister challenge when it comes to addressing the truth. He believes cultural relativism from the view that scientific truth is just one kind of truth. Dawkins says the truth about scientific discoveries is an absolute truth and not just relative to the people that believe in it (Dawkins 406). Tim Keller says the objection to Christianity is because of the mistakes concerning nature of truth, community, and Christianity. Keller believes the truth in freedom. He preaches love of God for human beings as absolute (Keller 48). The Bible holds the absolute truth about God and ways humans should relate to one another and

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