Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Distance Learning and Black Board Essay -- essays papers

Distance Learning and Black Board Distance learning is when students take courses by using some form of communication other than face to face communication with an instructor. This type of learning has been used since as far back as the 1800’s when adults would learn handwriting by ordering lessons through the mail (Cosgrove 2002). The technology for distance learning has been progressing for some time now. Iowa State University started to offer courses through television in 1934 (Cosgrove 2002). These days we use the Internet for distance learning. Distance learning has recently become more popular and more advanced; there are now programs that can help professors organize their online classes. Online classes are a convenient and simple way to communicate to a class and even run an entire classroom without even stepping out of your office. In a study it was found that â€Å"nearly 50% of higher education institutions currently engage in sometype of online learning† (Educational p.1). A popular program that many schools and professors use is Blackboard. Matthew Pittinsky and Michael Chasen along with a student-faculty group from Cornell University developed Blackboard in 1997 (Our History p. 2). They wanted to â€Å"transform the Internet into a powerful environment for the educational experience† (Our History p.1). Blackboard now has over 500 clients who use their products (â€Å"Blackboard Timeline† p.5). If Blackboard has over 500 clients now, think about how well they will do when the technology develops more. Online classes are something that will continue to progress into the future. The Blackboard program is currently available for schools with grades K-12, Higher education, Corporate and Government businesses (Demonstrations and... ...tance Learning.† Retrieved December 1,2004. Gottschalk, Tania H. March 5,2004. â€Å"Guide #1:Distance Education: An Overview†. Retrieved September 26,2004. Shamber, Linda (1988). â€Å"Delivery Systems for Distance Education.† Eric Digest. Retrieved September 26, 2004, from Eric Digests (ED304111). Towson University. Retrieved October 3, 2004. Towson Univeristy. Retrieved October 3, 2004. Towson University. Retrieved October 3,2004. removingareasofbb/index. â€Å"Online Degrees, Online Degree Programs, and Online Universities.† Retrieved December 1,2004.

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