Monday, September 16, 2019

Computer program Essay

Discuss the ethics of developing a computer system that track large numbers of their citizens and thair actions? THERE ARE NO ETHICS INVOLVED IN IT. IT IS ALREADY IN PLACE. CELL PHONES ARE JUST GPS TRANSMITTERS AND CREDIT CARD TRANSACTIONS DO A PRETTY GOOD JOB OF SHOWING WHAT A PERSON IS DOING. NOT PARANOID, JUST THE WAY THINGS ARE. Software development tool To help counter terrorism, many countries are planning the development of computer systems that track large numbers of their citizens and their actions. Clearly this has privacy implications. Discuss the ethics of developing this type of system. Ethics is a concern of humans who have freedom of choice. Ethics is about individual choice: When faced with alternative courses of action, what is the correct moral choice? What are the main features of ethical choice? Software engineers have wider responsibilities on systems development than the mere application of their technical skills. Ethically, an engineer should respect the confidentiality of the public irrespective of whether or not a formal confidentiality agreement has been undertaken. Developing computer systems to counter terrorism by tracking citizens of a country and their actions has privacy implications. Privacy entails an individual’s right to control the collection and use of his or her personal information, even after that information is disclosed to others with the consent of that individual. Systems are been developed that violates the human privacy rights. Examples are: Surveillance cameras Surveillance cameras are setup in peculiar places and are often illusive in the sense that individuals don’t realize that they are being filmed. For the most part these cameras are setup with good intensions namely for the benefit of public safety. They can be a vital tool in preventing or solving crimes. The problem is not that the individual is being filmed, but usually this is done without his or her consent. In some cases the surveillance cameras have been unlawful used or setup without permission. Credit cards When we contemplate all the electronic data that is now gathered about each of us as we move through our everyday lives, there seems little doubt that we are leaving behind an electronic record of our activities. The internet There are a multitude of†¦

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