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A Reflection On Learning Theories And Assessment Strategies

In Nursing, to provide and maintain high quality care to our population, nurses are required to have a continuous development of knowledge and skills based on evolving knowledge based practice. Great part of this learning can be developed in clinical practice, under supervision, from a person with sufficient skills to facilitate learning. Therefore, as part of pre-registration nursing students development process, the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) (2008a) declares the requirement of a mentor for their clinical placements. The aim of this essay is to provide a critical reflection on learning theories and assessment strategies and how they were used to facilitate learning. The workplace setting was in an intensive care unit and the student used as a focus for this reflection was a second year student. This essay will be developed under the NMC Code of Practice (2015) to maintain privacy and confidentiality of the persons involved in this process. The role of the mentor emerged as a result of evidence that student nurses were not being prepared with the essential skills required for nursing practice (DoH, 1999. UKCC (1999) cited by Gopee, 2015). Therefore, the development of the Project 2000 in 1989 emphasized the mentor role in develop and assess students learning needs in clinical environment (Vinales, 2015). In this order, it is fundamental that mentors achieve learning outcomes described under eight domains by the NMC in order to support learning and assessment inShow MoreRelatedEssay about Assessment of Critical Thinking976 Words   |  4 Pages Assessment of learning can be a meaningful tool for teachers and students during a course to provide feedback to the student about the type and quality of work that is being completed in the course and for the instructor to find areas where the student is having difficulties and so additional materials can be provided or the course modified. The aim of this paper is to define assessment and critical thinking skills, and then review a State University course and suggest different assessments thatRead MoreThe Importance Of Critical Reflection On Teaching1270 Words   |  6 PagesImportance of reflection: Reflection on practice has different meanings, in my view it means constructive criticism: being honest with myself, becoming aware of and understanding my own strengths, and being able to review activities and constantly test assumptions related to our work. These have been my approach to critical reflection throughout the year. This is supported by Brookfield, he says that Critically reflective teaching happens when we identify and scrutinise the assumptions that undergirdRead MoreHow Constructivist Theory Changed My Transition From A Beginning Classroom Teacher954 Words   |  4 Pagesthe constructivist theory affected my transition from a beginning classroom teacher to an instructional school leader, I must admit that I didn’t really understand the process until it became a reality for me. I woke up one day and realized that things that were very difficult for me suddenly became second nature to me. Upon further reflection, I now realize that this was the culmination of past experiences, new knowledge, investigation, and synthesis producing genuine learning. Constructivism allowedRead MoreAcademic And Clinical Aspects Of The Curriculum846 Words   |  4 Pagesdifference between nursing theory and practice (Johns, 2009; Stuart, 2013). Reflection helps the student to observe, understand, learn and make sense of their daily experiences and also play a major role in student learning process (John, 2009). Schon (1992) stated that to succeed, the knowledge and skills from previous course work and clinical experiences must be built on by the student. Furthermore Plack et,al. (2008), affirm that to facilitate the process of reflection, the mentor is often requiredRead MoreTeaching And Learning Process Faculty1191 Words   |  5 PagesTo maximize the teaching and learning process faculty must make conscious multiple teaching methods to assist with the development of critical thinking. The use of multiple assessment techniques to monitor and evaluate the learning process support both formative and summative assessment. Evidence-based decisions will dramatically improve the learning outcomes. The American Nurses Association (as cited in Su, 2007) supports the application of the nursing process as the foundation of decision makingRead MoreThe Importance Of A New Piece Of Equipment Essay1559 Words   |  7 Pagesa job outcome. Learning how to use a new piece of equipment; and/or a personal result, such as extending an individual’s self-esteem (Innovation and Business Skills Australia 2012, p. 2). There is a growing interest among educators, employers and community leaders in implementing work-based learning into schools as a means of enriching the academic curriculum with in-demand career skills development (Jacobson, 2015, p. 15). Workers and students who participate in Work-based learning (WBL) are exposedRead MoreLesson Plan Revision, Reflection, And Analysis Benchmark Essay1394 Words   |  6 PagesLesson Plan Revision, R eflection, and Analysis Benchmark Learning is best for students whenever their teacher applies emotion, gives them the requisite support and challenges them. It is through such process that students gain in-depth learning and thus discover their values, abilities, passions as well as responsibilities in learning situations that provide adventure. In most school lessons, students undertake tasks that require them to use their creativity, self-discipline and craftsmanship.Read MoreReflective Practice in the Classroom1629 Words   |  7 PagesReflective practice – A tool for learning Introduction/Rationale When something goes wrong or something unexpected happens during a lesson or activity, we ask ourselves questions such as, could I have done something to avoid it? These experiences usually make us grow and we learn from experience, and we will be better prepared to face the situation if it happened again. This introspection is generally called â€Å"reflection†, and all professionals have adopted it in order to improve their practiceRead MoreEssay on Student Assessment Reflection1402 Words   |  6 Pagesbest by carrying out assessments or diagnostic meetings to identify their preferred learning styles, abilities and interests. Neil Flemming developed the VARK system in 1987 to determine whether a student is a visual, auditory, reading/writing or kinaesthetic learner. From there, students and teachers are able to formulate new strategies based on which category they learn efficiently. Instead of doing the 16-point questionnaire, I chose to determine my students’ learning styles through play andRead MoreEvents Of Instruction And Evaluating The Learners764 Words   |  4 Pagesdefine what s effectively working, or not working. This evaluation process defines value about learning and training program, so they can make improvements (Rossett, 2001). Events of Instruction Brown Green (2016) stated that students using the correct learning behavior skills in order to learn skills proficiently. Once students use the correct behaviors skills, they will be successful in learning. For this assignment the learners will complete an outline for the task. The students will create

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