Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Role in the meeting user needs in my placement Essay

Role in the meeting user needs in my placement - Essay Example Over time I have been able to witness that my role had been from accomplishing individual and group therapy that was set up by interdisciplinary treatment teams to carrying out assessments, revisions, as well as approval. I came to realize that for a practitioner to be successful, he or she must not only be aware of the agency policies that are applicable, the laws that are related to the intended philosophy, and the procedures of the institutions, but also the knowledge of those interventions that are the most suitable and fitting in the associated case. One such example is from my placement where the revolving door approach was tackled on a patient. In such a scenario, a user usually becomes stable for a while but then goes back at the same problem in some time. Basically, the user only gains a short term steadiness and then deteriorates to the same level as the beginning. The user in this scenario needed support as well as intervention of the highest level that tested my abilities of exhibiting the appliance of processes and techniques that were related to the required therapy. I came to realize that as a practitioner, my role was to provide my patients an approach that they can embody so that they could work towards a healthy mental treatment. A practitioner must also be aware of the biological model, the claim of which is supported by James (2009) that one must be able to understand the basic structure as well as the way a human body functions because of the fact that the human body is very important for becoming a health care professional. I also realized the importance of interpersonal relationships and was amazed to see that the main culture that is needed for treatments in the mental health is being able to make connection with various events. For example, one of my patients required a joined up approach of thinking that did the same. The treatment revolved around making sure that those events of the past that are directly related to the current situat ion of the user are brought in focus. In this way, experiences from childhood and adolescence were brought in picture that helped the user recognize the patterns forming the behavior. The whole idea behind this strategy could only be accomplished when a practitioner like me recognized the need to turn a mere treatment into a meaningful recovery. Therefore, one of the most important lessons that I have learned through my placements is that it is not just about dealing with a treatment that is presented to you, that could range from a bracket of drug abuse, depression, to stress and depression, it is also about understanding the meaning of a holistic approach that considers each individual as a person. In this way, both the practitioner as well as the individual gains a lot and thus identifying ways to recognize each action demonstrated by the user and thereby exploring the root cause. Utilizing the psychological techniques that need to be carried out must also be one of the biggest k nowledge and skill that must be used in order to meet the needs of the user. It is imperative that the professional actually listens to the user and assures them that they are being taken seriously. For example, it is being taught to us that the user must be able to recognize the presence of his or her internal world with which they would slowly learn to

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